Share and Dipity

Dipity is a tool that allows users to build interactive timelines.  It can also be used as a social media management platform that organizes/integrates information chronologically. This is a great tool for educators to use in the classroom because you and your students can build timelines within minutes on practically any subject.  Oh and did I mention…that it’s a collaborative tool!  You can have an entire class working on building a timeline together.  Students have to decide where to add/delete events, starting and endpoints, text to be displayed, and the images they want to embed-you can also upload videos that correspond to events. Dipity also has a social media component, where new events created on your timeline can be set to automatically post to your Twitter or Facebook account.  You can also share your timelines and embed them into blogs, social networks and websites.

Here’s a great example of how Dipity can be used with Diigo to create an interactive timeline on the Holocaust:


Let’s take a closer look at Dipity.  Check out my video.


One thought on “Share and Dipity

  1. Mike Fern says:

    This is a really cool tool. I can see many applications for it, especially with social studies and history. Thanks for introducing it to us!

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