Punks Jump Up…

Do you feel comfortable stepping out of the institutionally supported technologies (like the LMS) and why?

This is a tough question to answer because LMS can be an effective tool when implemented using best practices.  However there seems to be more pitfalls than positives when it comes to these tools. One major pitfall of LMS is that they are often exclusive in the sense that they are walled gardens (only those that have access to the LMS system are able to collaborate with one another).  LMS tend to be teacher-directed where students are accessing information from a centralized location.  Another drawback to LMS is that the data created by students in the course doesn’t follow them.  Despite these drawbacks in terms of collaboration and the level of involvement students have over their learning, I wonder…Is there a place for LMS in PLEs?   Check out this Youtube video on LMS vs PLEs.

What are the implications of “going Edupunk” with learners?          


I love the Edupunk approach to learning!  When the individual is at the center of the learning environment they take learning into their own hands.  It’s great when content can be accessed directly from all resources.  The Instructables is an excellent resource for DIY learners- which in my opinion is Edupunk at its finest.  Individuals have access to learn new skills from professionals on a wide range of topics and they have the opportunity to share what they’ve developed.

Edupunk Implications:

  • Collaboration with individuals from all over the world
  • Open access
  • No one is locked out of the network; everyone can join
  • Access content from places all over the web –flexible
  • Student centered learning
  • Thinking for yourself
  • Information presented in multiple learning formats
  • Knowledge at your fingertips
  • More cost-effective than traditional learning formats
  • Freely sharing information

Additional Resource to check out:

Edupunk and Learning Management Systems:  Conflict or Chance?


One thought on “Punks Jump Up…

  1. mggrotti says:

    Hi, Esley: I have to say, I am pretty skeptical about the real feasibility of an edupunk approach for educators. But your post brought this to a new light for me. I hadn’t really thought of edupunk as a student-led movement before. Thanks for framing the discussion in a new way for me! (And I also really liked the Instructables site. Great addition to your post!)

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