Education For All!

I loved this week’s segment on “self-education.”  What an empowering and liberating feeling to know that I do not have to rely on university course offerings and workplace training to increase my skills/knowledge- base. I’ve heard of MOOCs, but I never took a look to see what this phenomenon was all about.  After watching the presentation on MOOCs from UD’s Summer Faculty Institute and a brief internet search, I found MOOCs offered from top universities on topics from Japanese to Molecular and Cell Biology.  I was in a crazed state when I discovered this…I felt like I won a free shopping spree at Nordies (just turn me loose)! There is much debate as to how much learning is actually occurring in MOOCs and about their future and impact on higher ed. institutions.  I don’t know if MOOCs are the lightning rod that will revolutionize higher education.  One thing that I do know is that it is a step in the right direction in terms of making education accessible for all.

So with all of this information at my fingertips I decided that I want to learn more about digital filmmaking.  In my search I found several great sources.  The first being the hurlblog (hurlbut visuals) which has a wide range of resources for those interested in cinematography. Here are a few print resources that I thought would be great starting points: 

The Filmmakers Handbook:  A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age- Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus

The DSLR Filmmakers’ Handbook:  Real-World Production Techniques- Barry Andersson, Janie L. Geyen

In my quest, I also found an open course that MIT offers (MIT Open Courseware) in their Media Arts and Science Program:MAS.531-Computational Camera and Photography. This course is perfect for me because I can go through the couresework at my own pace and I can start the course whenenver I’m ready- no need to register.

You Tube is another great resource that has great videos for the person that wants a quick overview in a nutshell. I found a 30 minute webinar: HDSLR Filmmaking for Beginners.


2 thoughts on “Education For All!

  1. mad810 says:

    I think I’d also like to learn about digital film making. It will most certainly not be MY blog assignment, but I think that this is a fascinating idea! It’s so easy to sit back and watch someone else create a film, but to learn the intricacies of the art would be an exciting task.

  2. jannmarie says:

    MOOCs are awesome, are they not?! I found one awhile ago on computer graphics and it was fanstasitc. Did I finish it? No, but I did get a background that I previously did not have. Very cool. Good luck with your digital filmaking!

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